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Team ANU IT service desk, Winner of the Best Pitch Award

Hi Chimay, congratulations to the win! Can you tell us about your suggestion? – Our idea was concentrated around the use of drones in bushfires, both for real-time data collection and to carry out critical tasks such as extinguishing spot fires, providing aid materials and warning wildlife.

What made you want to take part in the hack from the start? – It seemed like an opportunity for a fun and productive weekend – building something with friends which you normally wouldn’t have the time to do.

What did you take with you from the event? – Participation in this event has improved our awareness of the processes involved in disaster relief. Additionally, due to the extensive research we conducted as part of the event, we understand more than ever the importance of urgency and impact when dealing with these disasters. All of us knew that the recent bushfire crisis was devastating, but it took bonding together in this project to understand the incredible extent of its wreckage to our nation’s flora and fauna. We emerge from this event with a renewed sense of purpose to create better, more impactful technologies that benefit those in need.

You won the Best Pitch award from the jury. Why, do you think? – We spent a great deal of the hackathon thinking about ideas that would be impactful. We believe what gave us the edge was that we didn’t just hack together some technology, but we actively considered what our impact was and how our idea could benefit the people around us – We told a story. We focused most of our time on creating a great pitch instead of focusing on smaller implementation details.

 Will you continue working on your idea? – While we do love the idea we came up with, unfortunately the capital required to continue would be too great to do so at this point in time. However if an opportunity rises in the future, we will absolutely be keen to pursue it further.

Team Members Chinmay Garg, 20, Academic Tutor Cecilia Lao, 21, Academic Tutor Septian Razi, 22, Academic Tutor Chamin Hewa Koneputugodage, 23, Academic Tutor Yaya Lu, 24, Academic Tutor Brent Schuetze, 25, Academic Tutor

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