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Team Plague.Inc, Winner of the Global changemaker Award

Hi Kriti, you were the team leader for Plague.Inc, the team who won the Global changemaker Award. You also received the prize: Workshop sessions with growth experts form Canberra Innovation Session to further develop your solution. What was the main idea of your suggestion? – The current solutions implemented by governments for tracing the coronavirus are reliant on the community’s cooperation and are still not effective in actively tracing locations and have issues regarding privacy. Our solution use the data already available of people’s locations from telecom providers. This data would be completely anonymised and only contain the location time data linked to a hashed phone number.

How was your team composed? – Jasper and I have known each other since we began university and I met Kathleen, Nicole when we were selected to be part of a tech innovation program in Silicon Valley.

You won the Global Changemaker Award from the jury. – Our proposed solution is not only deployable anywhere in the world and cost economic but also because it uses existing sources and has an emphasis on privacy. What the jury saw in our idea was a solution which could be utilised in any sort of crisis (such as bushfires, other virus outbreaks, etc), was scalable and did not rely on users to operate. Also, in the 48 hours, we created a complete mock system for our solution, including a detailed product documentation backed by extensive research, an app prototype, a cost model, a mock database and pitch, which makes our solution high quality, holistic and applicable.

Next step? –  We are eager to continue working on our solution and creating awareness of the viability of this solution. Because our solution can be easily applied for any sort of crisis for governments, if it can be realized, it does make a change globally.

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Team members Jasper McNiven, 22, Student Siying (Kathleen) Qian, 22, Student Kriti Tripathi, 22, Student Nicole Wang, 19, Student

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