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The launch of ArtHack - congrats to female-founded ArtDeck!

ArtHack by Openhack was a true inspiration and a hackathon- idea marathon showcasing how arts can be combined with technology to empower female creatives and artists. Monika Lionaite, CEO & Founder of Openhack 2020 Australia and organizer of ArtHack, gathered a group of likeminded females, artists and creatives online and live at Kambri at ANU to find ways how to empower female artists during this global pandemic, and how to provide better opportunities for females in the creative industry to thrive and grow their business, develop in a professional way and advance their careers.

The winning team of ArtHack by Openhack 2020, is ArtDeck - Erin and Shona who met at ArtHack, both females studying at the Australian National University. Their solution is ArtDeck: featuring female artists in a deck of cards - available both as an app and a physical game. On one side of the card is an image of an artwork by a female artist, and on the other side - some information about the work, and the artist. This also includes a conversation-starting question to allow users to engage with the art on their own terms, and in casual settings, and with friends. They also suggested a podcast that would accompany the game so that artists and art novices can have a discussion about art that can reach a wider audience. This solution is aimed to encourage people to engage with art, particularly by female artists, to address the pay and recognition gap they face in the industry. You can watch ArtHack and ArtDeck solution on Youtube:

Openhack team is supporting ArtDeck with realization of this innovative idea and encourages artists interested in this solution and who would like to contribute or learn more about it - to reach out to Openhack team Visit Openhack website for the next hack:

Examples of ArtDeck demo below:

Moments from ArtHack physical event at Kambri at ANU:

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