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Thiago Capuano, team leader of Winner of Best Tech solution

Hi Thiago, you were the team leader of team Intel Away. Your team was compiled online, how did that work out? Yes, our team was initially composed by the distribution of the organizers with participants from all over the world. I am based in Brazil. Some participants did not attend, others sought other solutions, and over time we received more participants. Some stayed for a brief period of time and others stayed, worked and prevailed to our satisfaction.

What was the main idea of your suggestion? The principle is the use of non-private data to plot a contamination incidence map through location and provide information by areas. The purpose is to allow both governments and the population as a society to have a broader and more comprehensive view to act in accordance with the situation in the affected region. Governments can make softer decisions at some point and more energetic at others by balancing the most appropriate economic, social and health impact on their measures without general determination.

What made you want to take part in the hack from the start? – Technically the idea of the solution was already in my mind. When I realized the opportunity I didn’t want to miss it, I needed to try and enjoy the occasion. Then with the collaboration and commitment of teammates, willing mentors and dedicated organizers in.

Will you continue working on your idea? – Sure, with absolute certainty. The same idea, or conceptual principle is already competing on trial in a challenge from the National School of Public Administration of Brazil, and the next step is to start to build the solution itself. The positive result will give conditions to transform this solution into reality, and the award reinforced the intention.

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